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I just did the valve clearance adjustment on my 2012 ninja 250r. I live in a small apartment so don't have access to a grinder, and don't have any metal plates laying around to make the tool for resetting the cam chain tensioner. A standard credit card is about the right thickness and has just enough rigidity to hold back the tensioner, although it's only good for a couple of times before the plastic gets too twisted and you'd need to make another one.

I cut out the rough shape with the scissors on my Leatherman and fine tuned it with the file.

A shot of it in action. You do have to be somewhat careful to maintain enough meat on the pokey bit when cutting it out or it will twist around and break off (happened to me once).

I was able to complete the job in my carport. Put over 300 miles on it so far and nothing has exploded, so I guess the operation was a success.
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