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O.K. guys this is what happenned.I bought an 01 to fix-up as drag racer. I started gathering parts from all over, then I come across an 01 complete with busted motor.
So I need to sell following parts,
Gauges 12k $150.00
Subframe $100.00
L. clip-on w/clutch lever and perch $60.00
R. clip-on w/ throttles and brake asm complete $75.00
L. Footrest complete w/shifter asm. $75.00
R. Footrest complete w/brake set-up $75.00
Swingarm $75.00
Complete forks,been modified for 600ss class spacers installed can be removed. complete with upper and lower trees $250.00
Shock B/O
Rear Seat B/O
Complete brakes front and rear B/O
Only plastic I have is Blue Tail slight scuffs
Front Fender Same Candy Lighting Blue Nice
Right Lower some scuffs not bad
Headlight Upper tabs broken B/O
Tailight B/O
If any one can find me a front wheel any color,I'll then have pair of green wheels complete w/rotors and cush drive. Until then I'll have to use green front.
Can E-mail pics if needed.
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