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Me and my green 03 ZX6R

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Just me... and my new toy!

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You sure are an ugly f*cker...good thing you have that bike to get the chics for you. Just kidding :D

Sweet looking bike bro!

02 ZX6R (Yellow)
Marine, we all wanna see pics of YOU now... and you better be a calender boy !!!

But dedpidgin, the bike looks great, the weather looks great, GET RIDING BRO !!!

"Keep yer feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked."
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he.... there is some one sitting on my bike......:D

enjoy the bike bro.

green 636
oh I'm a sexy bitch that's for sure! hehe...i'm just messing with ya'll. I don't think I'm good looking at all. I was just trying to be funny. [:p]

02 ZX6R (Yellow)
what a bike, every color I see of the new 636 is just awesome. I'm glad the dealer only had one bike(silver) because I would've never been able to decide.

--- '03 zx6r
You cheeky bar-steward Marine! :)

My girlfriend agrees that it's not a very good picture of me so I must, in fact, be much better looking!!! ;)
Sweet bike man! [:p]

2002 Green ZX-6R

-LP flushmount V's
-Integrated rear signals
-Akrapovic Ti pipe

...more mods to come!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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