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Missouri riders

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Any ninja riders in springfield MO,post a note maybe we can hookup.Andy's on south campell is the place where a lot of sportbikes park to check out each others rides.
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I will be in saint louis, Mo not to far from you. PM me if you want to ride.
I live in the KC area, if you ever make it up here
I live in the lake of the ozarks, also have a friend with a 93 ZX6.....
Just moved up here a few months ago from Texas, and I've been looking for people to ride with. Send me an e-mail, and maybe we can go before it gets any colder.
Im from Columbia, MO.
There are 4 other ninja riders I know about in this area. We ussually ride every thursday night around central Missouri.
Closest track to Missouri??

Hey guys does anyone know where the closest track to Central Missouri would be? Does STL or KC have one? Im from Columbia, MO and me and some friends are looking to find a track near us.
I was checking the forcast and it looks like after the snow we might get tonight, the temps are going up. Keep your fingers crossed. I know that 50 isn't great riding temp, but I'll take what I can get.

With that in mind, does anybody know of any good rides around the Springfield area?

How about those guys that do first sundays in Republic? Has anybody ridden with them? Are they cool guys? I'm pretty new to riding, so I don't want to be holding anyone back.
I ride in springfield missouri !

There is a website http://www.swmosportbikes.com

We plan rides and chat..

check it out, and come ride with us!
Why isn't Missouri in here?

Since Missouri is in between Kansas and Illinois, I would think Missouri belongs in the Central category instead of South. Especially since, unless I'm wrong, Missouri didn't care for the southern Confederates during the Civil War.
Because Missouri is the "Show-Me-How-To-Drive-State"
J/K, I lived in Independence for a couple of years, and the folks there can NOT drive!:D:D
central missouri riders?

anybody in mid-mo?
STL Area Thread - Missouri / Illinois

Hi, ive been asked several times about group rides*. I made this thread so we could get a bigger group together. Please notify all local KF members that you.


Seriously, WTF R U talkin bout? :confused:

New Here, My Name Is Anas
Im About To Purchase A 07 Ninja ZX-6R, I Dont Know How To Ride A Bike, But Im Very Eager Too, Im In The United States Navy, I Leave For Bootcamp Sept.21,09 Like 130 Days Away Or So...

Looking For Stl Buddies To Ride With, Or Even Teach Me

The Bike Im About To Buy, Has A Dent In the Gas Tank, Wondering If Anyone Has A Black Gas Tank For Sale, Or If Anyone Knows Where I Could Get One?

I Hope This Getting A Bike Works Out, So I Can Have Fun My Last Summer
And Hope To Become Apart Of This

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missouri anyone

im in missouri looking for some riders here. about 45 min from independence our 1 hour 20 min from columbia. i am located by sedelia
im in missouri looking for some riders here. about 45 min from independence our 1 hour 20 min from columbia. i am located by sedelia
I'm in liberty
waking the dead...... i'm new and in stl(des peres) i know ninjabadger is close...

i'm picking up my first bike(2011 ninja ex650r w/ 1400 miles) for 3k tues

i'll be practicing around the area till i take it out
I live in the Fenton area and work downtown near the Arch. Would love to go on a ride sometime. Won't be able to for a few more weeks. Still healing up after an accident (I was rear ended by a car at a stop light). I just got a 2012 Kawi Ninja 650. Send me a PM or message on this topic if you're interested.
Hey guys I'm getting ready to buy a ZX-6R and just wanted to post on this thread that I live in STL and wanted to get to know some of you guys
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