Heavily modified KX 100 woods bike with all parts to configure for a growing kid. The initial images are with the stock seat/bar setup, the following pics show the tall seat, tall bars & risers.

If you know these bikes you know that there were no changes from 1999 to 2013. So the most important thing is how a bike like this was maintained which is what makes this bike unique.

We bought this as a beater in 2015 for my 10 yr. Old to ride after he started over-riding his KDX 110. We started by rebuilding the forks and inspecting/greasing/replacing all of the bearings on the bike. It’s a long story, you can see below for a list of all of the maintenance and upgrades that we have done.

We lowered the bike by 3” with some custom shock linkage, installed softer fork springs, disconnected the power valve, and installed a throttle stop. As he grew we raised it, stiffened the suspension, and made it faster until he grew out of it at 16 yrs. Old.

I have all the parts to do the entire process again including:

custom lowering shock linkage

softer and stock fork springs

stock and tall seat

short bars & tall bars

bar risers and riser kit for the steering damper

This bike is optimized for woods riding with increased fuel capacity, improved mileage & carburation (Google Lectron if you don’t know), and a flywheel weight for better torque/traction. If you’re looking for an MX racer this isn’t your find.

I don’t like it when people sell stuff and wait for you to figure out what’s wrong with it when you se it (or later!) so here’s the short list, which are also shown in the pics:

The fork seals are leaking, but only a little.

It’s ready for tires

There is a crack in the rear fender

One of the spoke nipples was welded in the rear wheel. It never caused a problem so we never did anything about it.

It’s running great but it could probably use a piston/ring at some point, just based on hours.

It has an engine hour meter on it but it was configured incorrectly for a while so the hours showing on it are wrong (I think we’re at about 50 – 60 hrs. since the total engine rebuild).

Parts and maintenance list:

maintenance performed
repairs or improvements made

Oversize fuel tank, rr wheel spacers​

FMF Fatty pipe, torque spacer​

FMF Turbine Core 2​

Lowering links – 125mm & 130mm​

fork bushings, seals, & oil, shock, linkage, swingarm, & steering head bearings, fuel & vent lines, front sprocket, fork guards​
tranny oil, oiled air filter, cleaned carb​
Cycra hand guards, adj. lowering links, oversized tank, tires & tubes, torque spacer, grips, fatty & turbine core 2​

KYB .27kg/mm fork springs, numbers (10)​

Side number plates, brake & clutch levers, ODI full diamond grips, rr brake pads​

Moose skid plate, DID 428x118 VX Pro Street Series x-ring natural chain, sprockets (13/52), fixed broken hand guard​

chain slider. Vent, fuel, & power valve vent lines​

12oz. Steahly flywheel weight, numbers (64)​

Force 3 Reeds​

Repaired suspension eyebolts, 28mm Lectron w/0-3 rod., switched to Amsoil 100:1​
filter wash/oil, tranny oil, muffler repack​
Seat cover, 0-4 Lectron metering rod​

UFO Restyle fenders, number plates, and numbers​

Hot Rods +2mm crank, ported/plated cylinder, vertex piston, Phathead head, pipe insulation shock bump-stop, stock shock linkage installed, EBC Carbon front brake pads, used metal clutch plates​
Twinair filter​

ODI Ruffian grips, thumb rings​

Tires, tubes, rim tape​
Tugger straps, silencer packing, grips, steering damper​

Chain roller, brake line guide​
Trans oil​
softened rr suspension​

Looped engine vent through upper frame, drilled holes in bottom of swingarm​
Air filter oil​
Set rear sag – (Free, 512, static 447, race, 410), repaired throttle-side hand guard with zip ties​

Tusk rear disk, rr EBC carbon pads, new rr brake caliper allen bolts, rr brake caliper guard​

Tusk Aluminum ATV sport bend handlebars​

Tusk front rotor, Motion Pro fork bleeders​

Tusk engine kill switch, Cycra Probend handgaurds, Pro X fork seals & dust seals, Tusk brake lever.​

Used radiator, coolant hose kit, Evans coolant, Twin Air filter.​
Air filter oil​
Bar risers, tall seat, front tube, front brake pads, fixed silencer.​
Trans oil​
Rebuilt shock, new exhaust hanger, exhaust sealing ring, front brake line guide.​