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mounted my exhaust

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One question, how did your old exhaust come off on a ride? you wipe out or it just fell off?
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So I got one of my new toys installed today...thanks to the guys at FastLane in hungtington Beach.

I was running open header for bout a week and a half in southern california cuz my exhaust ripped off on a ride a couple of weeks back.

I got the Jardine RT-1...yeah yeah i know...Jardine yeck!!! Well I needed a quick fix and something available. So the Jardine came with a new rear passenger set bracket and S-Bend.

I have to say response is definitely a lot better than open header, but I probably gained some weight. Fit and finish is great and sound isn't too bad, lot quiter than open header.

Well for bout $200 i can't complain bout this exhuast. But my next exhaust will be the Mig High Mount just waiting for the Hi S Bend to come off of back order.

Next I got to plugin in my PCIII and Ohlins steering damper and I'm set, for awhile at least.
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it just straight fell off...actually before we even hit the canyons. I was on the 10 Freeway in So. Cal and I hit a bump-guess my preload settings were too harsh and it jarred the exhaust loose at the header and eventually ripped rite off (hanger and exhuast)
yeap that is apparently why all the slip on exhausts for the 03 include a mid pipe
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