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My friend and I are going to race this summer.He has a supercharched Toyota mr2 1985. He rebuilt the engine last summer, did a port job, I don`t remember all the mods he did, but a guy that has the same setup
as him made 200 hp at the wheels.

This is the deal: we both go at 150 kph (94mph) and when we gun it, he says he will follow me very closely..

There will be money at stake, wich is to be decided, so what do you think, guys?

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I say go for it. But only in a closed area! Add a k and n filter to your bike. Change sprockets, and have fun.

That will be a lot closer then a quartermile test (you'd kick his a$$ in that)
His top speed is probobly about the same as yours, so it could be interesting.

You should still be able to win, but a rollon already going 150kph will not be a huge victory for you, it will probobly be fairly close.

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I'm sorry but that has got to be the dumbest "race" I've ever heard of. Why not just dust him off the line, or does he know he'll get smoked?

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