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Fellas, does anyone have any insight with one of these suckers? It is currently getting the best of me! It operates on either a 12v or clutch switch activation. I am trying to get it dialed in for the clutch switch activation and not having much luck. If anyone has thrown one of these on before, your advice would be much appreciated! Thanks. Kevin.


I guess I should be more specific.. When hooked up as follows:

Coil wiring harness hooked up as per directions (only one way to hook it)

Black ground wire grounded

Blue activation wire UNHOOKED COMPLETELY

I have constant activation on the unit even without the blue wire hooked up to the clutch activation ground.. When I disconnect the black ground from the chassis and hook up the blue activation to the correct (solid black) clutch activation ground wire, the unit acts like it should (powers up only with clutch pulled in gear or in neutral). However as soon as I let the clutch out the unit LED goes out and the bike stalls.
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