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Well Im in the process of fixing up my bike and well we tried to bend back the shifter.... we failed- it broke. Since im up sh-t creek already with the wife for crashing and having to take money from our "New Bed fund" to fix the bike. I thought I would try to save money while shopping around.

I cant seem to find any reviews on these rearsets and they look pretty good.
MSO Adjustable Rearsets - Kawasaki - MSO Motorsports

I have never bought rearsets before and not sure if I need to be looking for anything in particular. I email the place to asked if it came with a new shifter rod and he replied the next day saying it did. So customer service seems quick so far.

Anyone have any information on these rearsets or a place I can get a good, yet not expensive rearsets? Preferably adjustable.


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