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Just a few pics of my bikes since I ride.

1st bike: Honda XL 650 V Transalp (Sept 2001)

Bought it brand new even before I had the motorcycle's driving license [:eek:)]
Anyway, I loved every one of the 6500 km she endured [xx(] One night I was riding home, when I overtook a lady in her cage. Well, turns out she was aiming to turn left and "forgot" her turning signal. I did overtook her, but the bike didn't. I was wearing full protection and didn't got hurt (just pain all over the body). I was doing 80 km/h at the moment of the crash. The bike got trashed, I was found guilty because there where no witnesses :( and my full-coverage insurance paid me the amount owed. I had 2 month of riding experience at that time, I had already droped the bike 3 times, a few scares... not a great start.

In a ride on some mountains not far, on a great day...

... and all smashed in the mechanic.

2nd bike: Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer (Feb 2002)

After the crash, and after my recovery (physically from the pain in every muscle in my body, and mentally from the shock and will to never ride again - all that took about a month healing), and having the money from the insurance, I bought a brand new bike: a Fazer. It suited me much better than the Transalp, since on this one I actually reached the ground with my feet :). Much more powerful (96 hp) and faster, it was great! (I still have it, it's for sale).

My first road bike:

I still love it!

3rd bike: Kawasaki ZX-636R Ninja (Dec 2002)

I did 26000 km in only 7 month on the Fazer. But after seven months of intensive riding, I had it. The bike was fun, but... I wanted more! More power, better brakes, and above all, a better frame! Double steel cradle with long, soft suspension didn't coope well with the bike's power and the speeds I was riding, trailing my friends's RRs. It was time to change. To what? To the one I've always loved, of course! After seeing the new, 2003 636, I knew I could not wait any longer. I went out to buy the Ninja I so much love. And after 7 month and only 10000 km in it (winter sucks - summer is starting [8D]), I now believe I found the perfect bike for me. I feel I still have lots to learn on it, and her limits will be hard (if ever) to hit. Long live my (and yours) Ninja!! [:p]

On a cloudy day, just before one of the best rides I ever had!

With a friend's ZX-9R:

And that's it. Are you sleeping already? [:I]

- Wilder than the wildest dreams!
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