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Contact: [email protected]
Price: Listing for 6,500 but I will make a deal to keep it in the moto community.
Location: Currently Los Angeles
Video of the truck just before leaving the east coast:

After a successful 3 month, cross country voyage I am selling my lovely 1995 Grumman Olsen Box Truck. It made it this summer from New York to Los Angeles touching both the Mexican and Canadian Border hauling 3 bikes and sleeping 3 adults comfortably and without any of us touching.

Build Thread Here:
Just a Box Truck - TriStateTuners.com :: Home of Tristate Auto Enthusiast

Current Pics Here:
LiftGate, Roof Access, Rear Door Organizer

Front Driver Side

TV Antenna (Unwashed)

Inside Driver Side: 3rd of 3 bike stands, Leathers Wall, Fold out bed + Couch, Helmet and Boot Cabinet

Inside Passenger Side: Hammock, Dresser, Mini Fridge, Work Counter, TV, Surround Sound, Additional Helmet and Glove Storage

Passenger Side Helmet/Glove Storage

12v-110 Power Inverted. Orange plugs, Inverter Power, White Plugs Shore Power

Locking Snap-On tool box

Helmet/Boot Storage

32" TV

The Hammock

110v-12v Shore Power Convertyer

Current Milage as of 10/5/13

Fused Switch panel:
From left to Right:
12V Switches
Recessed LED Lighting
Lift Gate Activation
Cockpit Lights

110v Switches
Power Converter (Coverts Shore Power to 12v charging all 5 batteries)
Outlets 1- White Outlets above surrounds sound
Outlets 2- PowerStrip, Mini Fridge
Master- Must be on to activate 110v switches when plugged into shore power
In-Dash iPhone Capatible receiver + alpine front speakers

Battery Monitor for non engine battery banks (2 6v Deep Cycles linked for 12v accessories, 1 12v deep cycle hooked solely for the power inverter)

Front Leaf Springs so new they still have the plastic on them

Auxilary A/C + heat

Shore Power Connection, A/C Connection, Canopy

A/C Unit


1995 Grumman Olsen w/ 142, XXX miles

Chevy 6.5L Diesel
New Injectors 6/7/13
New Glow Plugs 6/7/13
Oil and fuel filter changed every 2,500 Miles.

The Good:
June 15th I departed on this journey with 136,xxx miles and in 3 months the only problem i had was running out of gas once, and snapping a serp belt. If you put her on a big grade in the middle of the day, she will heat up but other than that she was very reliable the entire trip. Slow though. Tops out at about 65.

The Bad:
Only 7 of the 8 Glowplugs were replaced. The 8th is stuck, but doenst affect trucks ability to cold start without the heater.
Block Heater is still installed but was disconnected in lieu of a 2nd power outlet on the inside for charging all of our camera gear, scalas, gopros etc etc

CareFree Canopy
Shore Power Connection
Propane Tank + Propane Heating system for those cold camping nights
1600lb Liftgate that can lift a sport bike without any auxilary power connection
HDTV Antenna for tv anywhere

The Good:
This truck has everything it needs to be self sufficient at the racetrack or any campground. Youll never have to worry about ramps and loading your bikes again. Body is straight, Aluminum, and a clean slate for vinyl, paint or any other advertising if you go that route.

The Bad.
We were hit in Virginia and it left a tire rub on the side of the truck. The rubber can be removed with a good cleaning and buffing. Wipers are awful, Rain-X is king.

So much to list but ill make the attempt:

Locking Snap on Tool Chest
6 12v 9LED lights that can go for days off battery power
Cabinet space for 6 Helmets, 6 pairs of boots, and 20+ Gloves.
Hangers for leathers
8 Drawers
3 Large Cabinets under the workspace, pre sectioned and shelved.
32" LG LCD TV w/ Working HD antenna
RCA 6 Speaker Surround Sound with Subwoofer (110v)
Mini Fridge
Electrical Cord Hooks
Bucket Seats from a Subaru (incredibly comfortable)
Tons of small item storage
3 ST Stands (storage for 3 street bikes)
Memory Foam Couch that folds out to accommodate a full size bed
Propane Heat

The Good:
I lived in this Truck with 2 other guys for an entire summer as we travelled America and it was not uncomfortable. As a truck for 1 person its extremely spacious allowing for storage of your bike while you sleep and cruise about the country from race track to race track.

The Bad:
Passenger seat needs a new mount. We broke the one we fabbed during the trip
In my opinion it needs some new locking mechanisms on the bottom cabinets under the work space. The truck doesnt take to rough road very well so they will sometimes shake open. Nothing a bungee cord couldnt fix-- but still notable.
Trim as you can tell needs to be tended too

New Front Leaf Springs 6/15/13
New KYB Shocks on all four corners 6/15/13
New Exhaust Hangers

Thanks for Looking. Email for more information.
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