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My Tricks...

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Well the weather has sucked lately so I haven't had much of a chance to work on any tricks.

Its wierd though, 4 months ago (when my bike was brand new), I wouldn't never dream of trying to do wheelies or stoppies on it, now its like I had a little success doing some stoppies and I'm addicted to doing tricks now.

But its still frustrating because I can't do a wheelie and my stoppies, well, suck.

I'll just keep trying I guess. IMO, its better to learn so and no wreck, than to learn fast and crash every other month.

It still feels like there is not enough power for my bike to sustain a wheelie. I know that's not true because I've seen 6Rs do wheelies alot, but for some reason it just feels like my front wheel is never going to come up. AHHHHH!

02 ZX6R (Yellow)
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Marine you are partially right. It doesn't matter how fast you learn to do those tricks, you will eventually drop the bike it's just a matter of time. Look at all those videos of the so called pros. They all fall and make mistakes.

It's just like cornering on a supersport. most people do it wrong, newbies lack confidence to lean and it is a long process to rethink what our body and mind thinks will happen when we pull our bikes towards the ground. When the front wheel comes up a foot our head is telling us that anymore and the bike will loop.

It's all confidence.
The best way i learned to do a wheelie was at www.zx5r.com and click on wheelies, other than that when you take off in first gear get the bike up to 6500 or 7500 rpm(inbetween there), then left off the gas a little then give it a jolt again (do this in a quick swift motion) while slightly leaning back. Depending on your power the bike will come up rahter quick and either low or high your first time. If you over do always grab the clutch and let off. If you pull up and think you to high grab the clutch and come down.
Ride hard but ride safe
Don't pull in the clutch. That will send the front wheel crashing down into the ground and a few hard wheelies and you're paying $150 for new fork seals.

If it gets too high just close the throttle and before you touch back down open it wide again. This will keep your momentum going forward and you'll land softly.

The important part about doing a wheelie by closing the throttle and then cracking it wide open is making sure your front compresses and then rebounds. Normally you don't need to lean back, but if you're finding trouble doing them shift your weight. Your ass should be all the way back. Then lean forward as your forks compress and then lean (or pull) back when they're rebounding as you hit the throttle.

I could do wheelies like that on my 1990 CBR600F1. Which was about 70 hp and 500 lbs. If you can't do it on a zx6r you're just lacking testicular fortitude or you're not twisting the throttle all the way open. Remember to turn you hand away from you to get a big grip and twist it fully open.

Even in cold weather the worst thing that will happen is your tire will spin instead of getting traction and pulling the front up. Spinning the tire at 40 mph is kinda impressive and fun. However, mine tends to slide to the ride a little bit and then it gets scary.

Dan...comfortable enough with his manhood to ride a 600.
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I hear ya marine, I can't clutch up wheelies on my bike, then I let my friend who has a GSXR600 try it and he did wheelies fine. He does them on his bike too. I just cant see to get it down.
If you really want to clutch in 2nd go about 30 mph. Your revs should be about 4k or 5k or something. Pull in the clutch, squeeze your bike with your legs, rev it up to about 10k or 12k, drop the clutch the out. Change your underwear afterwards. Nice big jerk, the bike goes up, you get scared and shut down the throttle, your front tire slams into the ground, your forks make a God awful noise, and you don't want to do them anymore.

Now if you don't get scared you hold the throttle open and you ride a nice wheelie. Once you let the clutch out your bike will only be at about 7k with the tire in the air and you can ride it out till redline.

The hardest part about doing good wheelies is the balance point on your bike is actually 2 degrees (I measure it) past the "OH CRAP" point.

Dan...comfortable enough with his manhood to ride a 600.
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