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hiyas! i been riding a zx6r 2014 i just got and b4 that i used to ride on a ninja 300
and the guys who sold me the bike said to put it on power L
and also the KTRC one on number 3
so i noticed a few times maybe like 3 or 4 times it kinda stuttered or something at about 50 mph when i was riding in first gear
then today i was riding home around near my house and it stuttered a lot like maybe 5 times in a row at only like 20 mph in first gear and i thought it might stall or something so i just rode the last few streets home in second gear only so that was fine but i just wanted to know if u guys think it sounds like the traction setting or maybe something else wrong?
cos im a bit nervous to ride it far now if it might stop uno
also can i ask how much miles u guys normally get from a tank of gas cos it doesnt have like a thing that shows how much u got left in it rly does it?
anyways im rly new to this bike and this forum so im rly sry if im asking like stupid or kinda annoying questions! haha 😝
ty for any help or tips u can give me tho!! 🤸‍♀️
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