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So i just bought a '95 Vulcan 800 and i'm looking to twinkle with it a little bit. I would like to not spend much money at all, so i'd like to stay away from "kits" and things of that nature.

Here's the Bike

It's pretty much stock except for those funny looking handlebars. It has also been de-baffled.

Plan is to lower the rear about 2" (maybe more) and the front as well. Later on (when funds are available) i will be getting rid of the handlebars and getting some 14" Apes.

What i need help with... I would like to immediately :D lower the rear. Yes, its eating me inside. So i would like to know if there's an inexpensive way to lower the rear of my bike... I saw a scoot works kit for $139, but that's too expensive and i'd like to stay away from expensive. Anyone knows anything cheaper, or free i can do to lower the rear?
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