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Ok fellas...here's the deal..and you will probably see this on other boards as well...but I need answers :) I have a 03 6r, with Akra slip-on, pciiiusb. When I first put it on I noticed some backfiring...I got the PCIII installed but still had some backfiring...not just little pops either...it only happens as far as I can tell while decelerating in 1st and 2nd. Oh...I uploaded the Micron Slip-on map per Dynojet..they said it should be pretty close with slip-ons... Well, I figured I try and get a custom map done...well, the only guy in town who has a dynotuning center is a Harley guy :( But he was cool and took the bike in...but you can tell he wasn't very familiar with sportbikes...and he admitted to not doing many... Well, I dropped it off...picked it up and he said that it was all pretty close and "wow, look at that HP for a 600!" Of course I'm expecting 110's or something...but no...it was 101.6 (SAE)...I have to admit I was disappointed...He didn't charge me for the "custom mapping" because he didn't do any...he checked out the "fuel/air ratio" but said it looked fine...but again, that he wasn't familiar with how "they" should run... He just charged me for the dyno...$60.

Anyways, sorry for the long rant...just want to get the whole story out there....I have attached the printout he gave me...of course it looks like no other dyno sheet I have seen... but here are the questions...finally!

Does the air/fuel ratio look correct?? How about the torque and HP??

Secondly, with the backfiring?? Can it be the air/fuel ratio? Will this be resolved if I remove the emmissions (cali)???

Third, where's my HORSEPOWER??? :)

Thanks guys for taking the time :)

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