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Get a 520 chain and sprocket kit.

A little more acceleration, go +3 in the rear, stock 15 tooth up front (520 pitch of course). You can score the sprockets off of an 05/06 ZX6R for cheap, which is what I did. I commute a lot so it doesn't stay too wound up, but I still get great acceleration and about 43 mpg or so.

A lot more acceleration, go -1/+2. It'll be a bit wound out on the interstate, get you around 40 mpg, and limit you to about 140 mph.

And get a speedo healer or speedo drd if you do this. Don't be one of those guys to skimp and just guess how fast you're going. MotoMummy.com has a ton of options for sprockets. I will suggest you stick to steel sprockets though. The DRD is only $65 more and it's easy to install, plug-and-play, and greatly adjustable.

Grab a chain breaker/rivet tool from Cycle Gear before the sale ends. $30 with purchase of anything else in the store, normal price is like $90.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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