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The Sport Rider August 2011 magazine reviewed the new Suzuki 600 and Triumph 675R sportbikes, along with the Yamaha 600 with new camshafts for more power, and the unchanged Honda 600 and Kawasaki 600 middleweight sportbikes. The lap times were very close, only 2 tenths of a second separated the fastest Triumph and the slowest Suzuki. Rider ability and random chance would probably make more of a difference, along with tire choices.

The Kawasaki 600 at $10,000 is the least expensive- it costs $2,000 less than the Triumph for retail price, $1,600 less than the Suzuki, $1,200 less than the Honda, and $700 less than the Yamaha. For gas mileage, from lowest (most fuel used) to highest it is Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and the Kawasaki is the best- from 39 to 44 miles per gallon. The Suzuki won for the points totals, then Triumph, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and the Honda came in last place. A dealer near me has a leftover new 2010 Kawasaki 600 on sale for $8,200, and you could probably talk down the price even lower.

It seemed close enough to mostly depend on personal preference. One tester would buy the Yamaha for the track and the Triumph for the street. Another picked the Yamaha for the track and the Suzuki for the street. Another picked the Triumph overall, and the fourth picked the Suzuki overall. The fifth picked the Suzuki, with the Kawasaki as his possible track only bike. The Honda is still the lightest, and it has a reputation for better reliability after 100,000 miles. The Triumph has the sportiest look and sound, and the highest price.

They also reviewed the Ninja 1000 ($1,000 more than the Kawasaki 600), the Suzuki GSX1250FA ($1,600 more than the Kawasaki 600) and the Yamaha FZ1 ($500 more than the Kawasaki 600). They wrote that the Kawasaki had the highest points total and won the categories for quality, ergonomics, handling, transmission, and engine power. One tester would buy the Suzuki because it has more comfort for long trips, and the other two testers would buy the sportier Kawasaki.

An older used Suzuki Bandit or Yamaha FZ1 would be a big money saver instead of these new bikes- they included an article about fixing up a 2001 Yamaha FZ1, with advertising for several parts companies.
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