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Wow man, you're generalizing a lot...

Every different dyno you take the bike to is going to give you a different number. I had a '98 with a D&D bolt on. They said I wouldn't have to rejet. I did. It added (jet kit and can) about 3-4 peak horsepower and ran rough until I rejetted. I had a 101hp peak as I've said. The test was done on a Hindle dyno, and there was about 5,000 miles on the clock when I did it. You'll probably have somewhere between 95 and 103 horsepower depending on the dyno you visit and the conditions. Supposedly Hindles tend to read higher than some others.

I got about 125 miles to a full tank of fuel. I've heard people saying they get a lot more... depends on the kind of riding you're doing and how hard you're screaming it...

Want proof that different dynos read different? I rode with several guys who had the 2000-2002 model ZX6R. My bike was not as fast as theirs in a straight line, even when their bike was stock. Here's a dyno from a 2000 ZX6R showing a peak of 96.6 hp...


And here's a good little link talking about TRUE REAR WHEEL HORSEPOWER with a listing of several bikes and their true RWHP... the '98-99 model is shown there... from Factory Pro...


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