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Put down some money on a fair condition '81 750 LTD. Runs/Rides nice, non-factory, non-working speedo, otherwise everything works. I'll add pics whenever the site gives me permission to.

Will start out as commuter to save on gas (other vehicle is an old Dakota and gets about 20), and eventually return to close to factory condition. I've been looking at a few things like saddle bags too but will probably have to look at those somewhere local. Luckily I live in NH so those kinds of places are everywhere.

My first Kawasaki. Research suggested 800.00 for one in good running condition would be positive. The KZ750 motor seems well-liked.

Other bikes were an '81 Virago 500 and then a Yamaha SR500. When I was a kid I had a Rupp mini-bike and I think it's still my favorite. Also had an old Honda XL 75 dual-ride when I was an older kid. Neat bike, and I could ride it to the trail my friends and I were going down, while they had to either skirt the authorities or cart them in.
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