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new end can

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hi all,

ive got a zx6r j2, love it to bits, and am thinking of getting a pipe just to make it sound a little nicer. dont want to have to go with jetting or anything. im in the uk,, not really fussed about massive power gains or keen on getting pulled over, so a full on race can is not what im after i guess. [?]
i was thinking micron, dont really have a clue (as you may have guessed [:p]). anyone have any ideas. ?


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Yosh or Akrapovic would be my first choice, since both are among the elite in build quality, both aren't obnoxious loud, and both seem to be the leaders in performance - backed by racing results worldwide...

Got my Akropovic on order ;)

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Hindle's sounds really nice, but I dunno how easy they are to get in the UK, they are a Canadian company

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I highly recommend the Yoshimura RS-3 slip on, like dj dunzie said it is elite in quality, looks & sound. Akrapovic was my other choice but I am VERY :D saitsfied with the Yoshi. No jetting required and I did notice a slight boost in the top end. The carbon can matches my red/blk very well. Well worth your money.

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I am going to have to follow the trend on this topic. I have a yoshi rs-3 on my 6r, and i love the way that it sounds. Could not be any happier.

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green, of course
dont forget about the muzzy. I have the titanium slip on & it
sounds great. It screams like no other, but it aint so loud you
cant hear the sirens behind you.

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what about a Vance and Hines. nobody talks about them anymore. Thats what I got and it screems. deep at low rpm and a screemin china men at hight rpm

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i have a akrapovic on my street bike and a HMF on my track. the HMF has a more unique sound to it than the akrapovic, but they both sound awesome.
I just ordered a Hindle Stainless slip on cause I have heard nothing but good about them. I've yet to install it but the build quality is excellent. If it turns out like the R6 I heard with a hindle i will be a happy man. Also Leo Vinci makes a pipe that has a really sweet mellow tone. the power gains on the Leo are a little low compared to muzzy, Hindle or Akrapovic buts it sound is very unique

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Muzzy is all about Kawi, so I think it a good way to go. Price/quality are also very good. Very happy with my system.

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Nexus. Muzzy WAS all about Kawasaki. You better look again now though...

Akrapovic does AMA Superbike, Supersport, Superstock.
Akrapovic does WSBK. Akrapovic does MotoGP.
Akrapovic does British Supersport and Superbike.

What's left?

Gotta correct you... AKRAPOVIC is all about Kawasaki.

Muzzy does Kawasaki drag bikes still, if that means anything to ya.

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To back up DJ's claim...Muzzy is now all about the new motoGP Kenny Roberts V5 project. But they still make great products for everything else too [8D]
Yea Akro is used on a lot more Kawi bikes now, but Muzzy still does their exhaust on the drag bikes, and they have a lot of experience with Kawi.

You cant go wrong with either, try to find some audio clips and see which sound you like better

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2002 Green 6R
1986 Gixxer 7/11
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what about a D&D? im actually contimplating a D&D carbon fibre, or a aluminum yosh or an aluminum ART (ebay is wonderful! [:p]) what would you guys go with between the three? the more i read about them and the more dyno sheets i see the more im convinced that the only difference between them all is their sound... and if anyone has a sweet bolt on for a 97 and wants to part with it let me know.. :)
yeah i'm thinking about getting a yoshi but can't decide between stainless or carbon fibre. Is there any difference in sound between the two? I prefer a deeper, gruntier sound rather than a whiney screamer.
D&D makes a nice pipe, decent quality, decent price, and a real nice sound, but guys in the UK won't like 'em as much if they're concerned about not getting pulled over for db levels... D&D is known for volume. I really liked the one I had on my '98...

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I have confirmed this with representatives from 2 different companies now. The sound is shaped by internals and airflow design principly. The material of the outer sleeve has little or not effect on sound.

Visit the 2 Brothers site if you don't believe me, or speak to the manufacturers themselves as I have. If someone tells you carbon fibre has a distinct sound, as does aluminum, they're misinformed.

"We offer three distinct canister shapes to choose from; C2 (small oval), C4 (traditional round 4.5” diameter) and C5 (large oval). All of the canisters perform and sound the same because all of the canisters feature the same 2.25" Stainless Steel Spiral Power Core. The core is what controls the power and sound, not the shape or material of the canister. The canisters are simply different styles. They all incorporate our exclusive technology and premium construction material. The different exterior shapes allows you to choose the one that best fits the style of your motorcycle. For instance most people prefer the C2 (small oval) with smaller sized motorcycles (like 600cc machines) while others prefer the C5 (large oval) with larger sized motorcycles (like 750cc or 1000cc machines). For those who prefer round canisters we offer the C4 (round)."
- Two Brothers Racing

By the way... 2 Bros officially now has their ZX6RR and ZX636R exhaust systems available. (Same pipe for both bikes, as I'm sure all will be)

visit www.twobrothersracing.com for more info.

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By the way Wolf, if you're looking for deeper gruntier sound, I suggest you stay away from North American manufacturers and look at Yoshimura or Akrapovic or Laser for a good starting point.

Hindle would be the LAST pipe I'd recommend... they have an awesome ripping high-pitched sound, but doesn't seem like it would be what you're looking for...

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Well what can would scream "hey cops this bike is pretty loud which means i'm going fast".
Which can is the most obnoxious, loudest, alarm setting can?

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straigt pipe? jk... :) look at the race pipes, alot of them are not far off from being straight pipes...

while on the topic of cans, ive been told that a bolt on from a 98-02 will fit on the 95-97, is this true? although i know most ppl wont cross years, it should be ok to do, as its the same engine, and after the headers, the gas flow going into the can should be the same, ive noticed alot of manufacutor will use the same can on a variety of models, although they never advertise the fact, all that changes is the headers, the cans are the same...
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