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Hey guys,

I just tradeded in my 03 636 for an 06 ZX10R

So coming from the 636 (one of the nioisest bike I've ever owned) the ZX10 is quite.

Except for the damm 3500-5000 Buzzung comming from the ignition key assy

I've read all the threads on this subject but didn't see any fixes.......other than don't ride in that RPM range.....already figured that out myself.

QUESTION: Has anyone......

Relocated the ignition key assy?

Does weighted bar ends help to dampne the Buzzing?


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Welcome to the 10 club...personally just dont have a key chain on the ignition key or use something other than metal rings.

mine buzzes after installing aftermarket triple clamps but never did before that.

The bar ends help with the vibration on the bars but not sure on the ignition...and by the way where are the pics?
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