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Hey everyone. Ive been riding for over 20 years, from NY and my last bike was an R6.

I wanted a GSXR 750 as I didn't want a liter bike but wanted to try something above a 600. However after a month of trying to find a Gixxer 750 i gave up. None within my area worth seeing and then i found a dealer with 6 of them. 3 600s and 3 750s but the price people ask for GSXRs is outrageous. They wanted $8400 for a 2014 with 10k on it. Then i thought screw it ill get a Gixxer 600 but after sitting on one i couldnt get over how bulky the bike was. Im not tall at 5'8 and the tank was so big and restrictive especially coming from an R6.

I was searching through FB marketplace and a few Ninja ZX6rs popped up. I always loved the Ninja has a kid and i always liked the 636. I am not into CBRs so it came down to a Gixxer 600 or a Ninja 636 or Triumph 675R. The Triumphs were too much money and only 1 in my area with 25k on the clock.

Well last night i went and checked out the Ninja and ended up buying it. It is an 05 with only 11k on the clock. It has a Yoshi carbon fiber exhaust and sounds amazing. I also like how it isnt as aggressive as the R6 for seating position and a bit more comfortable. And of course i had to get it in traditional Kawi green. I do wish however it was that bronze color i am happy with my decision.

It would be the perfect bike if for only one thing that i absolutely despise. Why oh why did Kawi have to put a digital tach on it!?! I hate it so much and it takes away from the essence of the experience.

Anyone know if i can switch the gages out from a regular ZX6r?

That being said. I have already ordered a smoked windshield, ZX6R grips, carbon fiber end caps, and i am smoking out the lights all around.

It did not come with the rear seat cowl and i really want it so i have 2 questions...

1. Where do i get one without with costing $100 and 2. Do you think i should go with green or black?

Ive looked at one on Amazon but it had really bad reviews as many people said it didn't fit right and flew off.

Look forward to being part of this community.

P.s. i used to think the R6 had the sexiest front on a bike but ive since changed my mind. The Ninjas front is so mean!


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