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Hi all, I am new here on this forum and slightly new to the whole motorcycle sport. I came from owning a 350z(present) and wanted to have a weekend bike to swing around for fun. I just purchased a 2001 ninja kawasaki 250 Red w/34k miles. Previous owner were both females and saidd that there were no mechanical issues just minor cosmetic damage that I notice.

Here is my issue that I am not sure if it is serious or common.
1.The bike when cold would not start without choke.
2. I accidentally tipped it over and notice 2 holes hanging there and a lil oil/gas? dripping out but when parked it doesnt drip after 10mins.
3. I notice ALOT OF GREASE/OIL everywhere in the bike and was wondering if thats normal? and should I clean it and wash the grease?

Sorry for all questions I am still new at motorcycles and hope I can learn the most out of everything here. Thank you everyone!
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