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Hi guys, I'm a newbie to this forum.

Just bought a red 2002 ZX-6R, last of the old stock of the 2002's, so she's brand new. I'm in Brisbane, Australia (great weather for riding all year round). Fantastic bikes! This is the first ZX I've had, my last bike (about 6 years ago) was a Yamaha FZR1000.

Good to see somewhere on the net to discuss all things bike.

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Welcome to the board !

"Keep yer feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked."
Welcome aboard dude, we got the same bike.

Red rocks!


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but habit" - Aristotle
I had a girlfriend from Australia once... man do I miss her.

Welcome to the board dude! Good on ya!
Thanks for the welcome guys.

These 636's really rocket along! And EVERYONE knows that red ones go faster [}:)]
Red means stop,
yellow means slowdown
green means go

:) :D

-=Welcome To Canada=-

2002 Green 6R
1986 Gixxer 7/11
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Hi Everyone! I'm new here also. Just bought my new yellow ZX6R but haven't picked it up yet. Too much snow here in MA. Spring will seem like a long way off to me.

Any women riders out there???

2002 Yellow 6R
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