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Here are the new Shoei RF-1100 helmet graphics for Fall 2012. This model got the majority of the new graphics, 10 in total. Here is a sneak peak of some of them. As usual, call me DIRECT if you need anything and mention you're from the forum!

Let's start off with the Chroma. I know green might not be everyone's favorite color but seeing this in person today reminded me of how much better these lids look in person. The white and green both have pearl in them and 50% of the black does as well. These are Chromas also available in Red, Blue, and Yellow. Click on the picture, each color has it's own 360 degree video. These have a simple look to them at first but in person they're amazing.

The new Glacier (don't ask me why they named it that) is pretty slick too. Full matte paint job on this one.

The new Feud is available in white and also black. (Back of white shown here)

The Merciless is now available in a matte white colorway (matte black is still available).

I'm not sure how to describe the Transmission, but I like it in person. Blue, Red, and Silver versions of this one are available.

The Elektro is super interesting, click online for more pics and watch the video.

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