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I haven't owned a bike in a number of years. Had a gs500, and just got bored with it. The bug started to get me again, so I've been looking around.

Found a 05 ZX6R 636 at a good price with some engine problems. Went to check it out, sounded like a serious rod knock, so I offered $1000 figuring I could either rebuild or replace the engine. Upon teardown, I found number 1 spark plug floating around in the hole. Pulled the engine anyway since there were only a couple bolts to go. Everything looked good on the bottom end, so I put the pan back and re-installed. Runs good. Having a sizeable oil leak from the valve cover area, so will address that soon.

I originally thought I would just flip this, but after running 200 miles last weekend with it, it's grown on me. The riding position is a little rough, but the bike is a blast.

Any way, I'm in my 50's, and not really interested in pushing limits. But the power and handling, sure make the limits way above what I thought they could be. I'm in central VA, so anyone with any advise on freshening things up, let me know. The bike has 38k miles.

Thanks for the info here!!!

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