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new to the board

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Just wanted to say Hi!
I just purchased a 1998 ZX6R the day before yesterday.

Great site!
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Thanks... Welcome to the site Batgirl. Be sure to read the F.A.Q. on the main page, it'll give you alot of basic knowledge on your bike.. or you can search through the boards or post up a question if you need anything. <img src=icon_smile_cool.gif border=0 align=middle> Don't hesitate to ask! =)

I need a girl to ride, ride, ride...
That is awesome ! I have the same year bikeZX6R , your in for quite a treat.

I just spend 10 hours on my bike Sunday, and still felt fine, yet I can blow the uncomfortable more "sporty" GXRs AWAY.

It is all about skill.
Igor do you know if a service manual for a 1997 ZX6R is the same as the 1998's?

and the lowering kit for a 1997...can I use this on my bike?


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Welcome batgirl, you'll like it here.

Note sure about the 97 & 98 being similar enough to use parts for both. I would call a Kawi dealer parts department and ask if they'er the same or not. You can also try www.buykawasaki.com and look up the specs for each bike.

Good luck <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

It's days like this I wish I still did drugs!
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