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Hi everyone,

My name is Tyler, and I am addicted to motorcycles.
My first bike was a 86 Honda VF500F. Took my time learning to ride and work on that for a while, and I have spend the last year turning it into a StreetFighter. Absolutely love that bike! A few weeks ago my wife and I found out we were having another baby so I realized I was no longer going to have time to work on my project bike. I set out to find a new ride that I shouldn't have to spend much time working on instead just a ton of time riding. I found and purchased an 07 Ninja 650R last Thur. and have been having a blast riding it. I got it for $2500, with 22k miles on it.
Anyway, that's my story, is there anything that I should know about this particular bike? Known problems? I would include pics, but am not really sure how.
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