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hey guys i just picked up a 93 kawi zxr with a 94 kawi zx9 engine that dropped a valve. I am new to kawis and street bikes for the most part but have lots of experience with 2 and 4 stroke motocross bikes and also attended MMI for 4 months until i was forced to leave for financial reasons. As it sits i picked the bike up from a guy for 400 hundred bucks and it was torn down when i got it and a roller. Now im trying to get it together for as cheap as possible and im a college student. It came with another head but needs 2 valve seats ground as they were just replaced. Also possibly thinkin of just picking up a running zx9 engine if i could find one. But anyway this is just a hello! glad to be on the forum!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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