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Hello, all. I am new to this site and new to the whole motorcycle forums idea, figured it was time to get out there and communicate with my fellow riders out there.
I have been riding for about 6 months now, I looked and looked and almost bought a R6 right out the gate as my first bike, mainly because a friend of mine bought a Kawasaki zx-6r and thought I wanted to keep up. But as I normally do I thought long and hard and did my research and decided to buy a 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250r to learn on and I have been doing great I figured go used for the first bike cause odds are i was going to drop it or scratch it and possibly screw up on maintenance in some way for first bike. And sure enough I accidentally dropped it y second day of owning it. No injury just dropped as i was making a turn out of my driveway simple dumb mistake just a few scratches and replace a blinker cause on those models have the long sticking out blinkers. Anyways it was good that I decided to go with a 250 because my buddy getting that zx-6r for his first bike has wrecked it at least 5 times in the last 10 months of him owning it and he got it brand new. But luckily he has yet to get hurt in any of these accidents and he's constantly being stupid driving crazy and everything and trying to push me to go beyond what I'm comfortable with doing.

Well about 2 weeks ago I was going down the highway and a sharp piece of scrap metal was in the road in a lane next to me and a car shot it towards my bike accidentally and it hit my chain luckily and not me and broke my chain clean off which was good cause no other damage and i was able to get it down from highway speed and get over to the emergency lane safely. This was where I truly came to the understanding of the biker community and looking out for one another because the guy behind me in his nice bmw is a motorcyclist and saw the whole thing happen and stopped to help me and see if I was ok even though my chain had scratched up the bottom of his front bumper.

Well a FHP sheriff stopped to help and tagged it for a disabled vehicle and was going to have it towed to my house cause i was on my way to a very important meeting and before the tow truck got to pick it up i guess someone decided to help themselves and stole the bike. I have theft protection and insurance and was looking to upgrade soon anyways this has just been a push to do it sooner then later. I am looking to upgrade to a possible Honda CBR600 or possibly even a zx6r maybe I wanna think on it more. Any info on those two would be great or even some other suggestions that would be a good move from the 250r would be extremely helpful. I havent had an issue with the motorcycle other then that first drop in the driveway and the chain issue which I think I handled pretty well. I have become really comfortable with the bike and travel across fl regularly.

Thank you and I look forward to interacting with you all in the future
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