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New ubdertray and seat cowl

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what do you guys think????

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nice one...[:p]

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Yes yes yes, very nice !!! [:p]

Damn I love the look of Akrapovic ti pipes too...

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Looks very sharp!

What is your rear seat cowl?

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Oh yeah, and your hugger


Red 2002 ZX-6R 636
nice bike.. need to corner it thought.. those look like 2 inch chicken strips:)

I think I saw that undertail on ebay
Yeah... think I've seen that undertail on e-bay too.... looks sweet, especially with the shorties.

I'm partial to green also, but, (IMHO) there seems to be a little too much there with the hugger AND the cowl. Might just be the brightness of the day and all that concrete though.

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Looks sweet..

I find the green hugger too much as well, so I'll be doing carbon fiber..

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That's the ermax undertail...I have one on order in yellow. It should be coming in soon. I ordered mine with amber triangular rear signals. Go and see www.ermax.fr "or" www.clarysports.com
SWEET! Looks great!

Ken - Yellow '02
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Wow, I think that's the nicest looking undertail I've seen. Looks like you get to keep your trunk too.


Yellow '01
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That is fuggin' sweet. I am gonna check out that site.

I've wanted a undertail that you could have use stalk rear tail lights and not flush mounts.

That is very clean.

I am installing a red hugger on my bike. Will try and post some pics when I am done.

If anyone is afraid of overdoing the color scheme then maybe black or carbon huggers are the way to go.


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that undertail looks like it came from pyramid plastics. unreel sold me a black one.

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I've got an 02 also but yours looks way sweet. I especially like the undertail, how much did it run ya (in USD)?

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Undertray cost me £103=($156),seat cowl cost £109=($165),both from pyramid plastics here in the uk,i like the undertray because you dont lose any space under the seat.

"160 mph officer, i have only been out 5 minutes".
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