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Hey! I'm new to this forum. I just got my first bike recently to learn to ride before I go to buy a more expensive bike. Kind of a bucket list thing....I had never rode a motorcycle so figured learning on a bike that can take the beating might be a good idea. Im not about to buy a new bike then scuff it all up because i can ride comfortably yet. Learning how to fix the bike when needed is a big plus too. I find it so relaxing just to be out in the garage either working on the bike or just taking care of it.
I have alot of questions that pop up so figured becoming a member to a Kawasaki forum might be a good idea.
Fingers crossed!
Im having issues looking for an aftermarket full body kit for my 2005 KLX125L. We had an issue with a bolt getting locked and required getting drilled out, while doing this we messed up one of my side plastics. Alot of the plastics that came with the bike when i bought it from the previous owner had seen better days from racing so i just want to replace everything and get it back looking good. I'm wanting all black but every site i get on doesn't have anything. Does anyone have thoughts on a site that would have a kit? I know the Suzuki DRZ125 is basically the same bike...will the plastics for the Suzuki work on my KLX? Any help would be really appreciated. I'd post this somewhere else but im currently not allowed to post anywhere else...must be a new member thing...idk.
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