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new zx636r

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picked it up today, and I need some answers please.....

1 - is it absolutely necessary to stick to the running-in instructions? 500 miles at 50mph max is soooo slow

2 - the engine seems to vibrate at idle more than another other bike I've had. Once I start to rev it, no problem - is this normal?

3 - can anyone recommend some decent crash bungs which bolt into the frame?

Lovely bike, in green - can't wait for some warm English weather!!
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Well for the first 2

1 - its a good idea, but try following the guide on the front page of this site (www.zx6r.com)
2 - It should smooth out as it breaks in, right now things are rubbing eachother and the like, so it will feel a little different

-=Welcome To Canada=-

2002 Green 6R
1986 Gixxer 7/11
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Yeah... CdnNinjaZX6R knows all about 'rubbing and the like'.

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