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New zx6r "break-in" period?

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I just picked up my new 2003 zx6r(636) a week ago. The owner's manual said that I shouldn't go over 4,000 rpm the first five-hundred miles (break-in period). I'm having real dificulties riding that slow. I find myself 'testing' it at every opertunity, and I've had it over 12,000 a couple times already. In your opinion... am I really damaging the engine by being so impatient??? Any input would be appreciated.....


By the way... it's awsome how the front wheel becomes airborn in 1st & 2nd gear as soon as I hit about 10,000 rpm.... what power!
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Have you checked out this FAQ from the ZX6R.COM main screen?


... or this thread: /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1380&SearchTerms=how,to,break,in,your,03,zx6r

... both should give you some ideas ...

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Thanks... that article helped a lot!
yes your bike will explode, you must give it to me!!!!!!


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I don't know of anyone who with modern tolerances and build quality recommends breaking in their bike per the manual. The manual break in procedure is a CYA for Kawasaki and dates back several decades.

This is how my bike is being broken in and its the way that I've found that most racers and experienced rider do it. This is from people whom I respect for their experience (long time racers and race mechanics) and who know that this creates the strongest motor. And, if you don't beleive me ask someone who knows (local racers or honest shop mechanics):

0-100 miles max 6K rpm. Change oil after first 100miles. Non-synthetic.
100-200 miles max 8k rpm occasional blips to 10k rpm.
200-300 miles max 10k rpm occasional blips to 12k rpm.
300+ ride the bike.
600 miles change oil and filter synthetic ok.

My bike has 250 miles on it and I did my first track day with it at 190 miles. Great track bike!

FYi - your break-in procedure does not affect warranty coverage.

BTW, the 600 mile service on the 03 ZX6R is a joke. Basically just change the oil and filter. You can do this yourself and save a lot of $$. But oil filters for this bike are hard to get so order them now.
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you betcha... change the oil at 100 keep in single (rpm) figures until 300 and then nail it ! your only doing what it was designed for.
Dude just get on it whenever possible..It's better for the bike...Check this article...http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
Like the article states, get on it and forget the manual or the sticker. I've seen that in person when I used to live back home in P.R...the pistons do look different.

Don't redline it but ride it hard. Warm it up good and then ride it hard.:)
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