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New ZX6r owner with questions help please

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Just picked up a repo 1995 Ninja ZX6r. I paid $1700 for it. It has 15000 miles, clean plastic, Tank Bra, and D&D Slip on, and New tires. Here is my question. When i did pick it up the dealer said that it had probably been sitting for a while. It would crack but no fire to the spark plugs. We finally figured out that it was the CDI. They did not have one in stock but they did have a junk 1994 ZX7. They took the CDI off the 1994 ZX7 and the ZX6r fired right up. I am pretty sure the carbs need to be cleaned and new spark plugs. It doesn't like to start right up all the time, and idles real low. A friend of mine looked at it and said the carbs are probably gummed up, and the plugs are bad from sitting. Could this be right? Will the CDI being from a ZX7 hurt anything?

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no idea about the CDI but definitely change the plugs and clean the carbs. Check your valves clearance as well and make sure the carbs. are synched.

you bike's pilot jets might not have been opened either (illegal in USA) but if you dril thru. the silicone and open them up your idle and lower end will be much better....seems like you are running lean due to the D&D...check if needles have been shimmed or if jet kit in place, also check if you have K&N air filter...K&Ns are usless on Kawi's trust me go back to stock if you do have a K&N...

and put some top notch octance gas in there for a while....

chek your chain and sprockets as well and change the brake fluid just to be safe, that brake fluid could be in there for years...

and change your oil...use Motul 5100 or Kawasaki M4 fully synthetic, make sure you change the filter as well and clean the air filter...

do these and your bike will be like new....don't forget check your tire pressure as well...and later on change the fork oil, I bet that's OEM in those forks...

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