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Newbie Buying a used bike

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So I have done a lot of research and have decided on a Ninja 250r for my first bike (I am a fine bicycle rider, can drive manual in a car, and have ridden a dirtbike a couple times). My initial plan was to wait until after I have taken a MSF course but then I came across what I believe to be a great deal.

I was offered a 250r with 6k miles for $1,500, the catch is that it has severe fairing damage. But I love fixing things and was looking for a project so I figure I will order some aftermarket fairings for about 500 and it will still be a good deal and I get a project!

The seller has been very helpful and told me he has a clean bike title, the fairings (especially left side are bad), left handle bar slightly bent but not badly, it runs fine, and that the frame is fine. Also that he just had carbs clean..brakes...oil...fender eliminator...spark plugs wires... Have papers for all work done. And provided me with a couple pics.

My concern is that I am a complete newbie when it comes to bikes. But if I want this deal I can't afford to wait because I will not have the time to work on the fairings. What should I look for when I see the bike? Hopefully I will be able to recognize frame damage is I feel that would prevent me from installing new fairings.

edit: and yes I do intend to take the MSF, but cannot until July (I will be keeping the riding EXTREMELY simple until then and probably just be working on the fairings, on the up side, the temporary bad fairings will be good so I don't freak out if I drop it! )
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pass! I bought the wife a new 11 250R and their not that expensive brand new but fairings, labor (unless you do it), paint (if not factory), lights, handle bar, and who knows what other mystery stuff is wrong on it that's not a great deal not to mention why he replaced plug wires at 6K? It's a 250, plug wires aren't really the pinnacle of performance for that application so why do it? I've bent my bar before and I'm here to tell you that I could definitely tell the difference. By the time this is all done and the labor costs for stuff you can't do it's too much money. 250's keep their value real well but you can get a excellent one for about $3500 or less in some cases.
thanks for the response! I shoulda been a bit more clear, the fairings I found for $500 are already painted and I intend to install them myself (I enjoy the hands on thing).

As far as the left turn signal goes I am going to see if that is possible for me to do myself as well when I look at it.

Of course the amount the handlebars are bent I also want to look at, but I know replacement bars can be bought relatively cheap and is something I can do myself. I don't see the costs going over 2,300 total at most though, so it still seems good to me.

The comment about the plug wires alarms me though! (this is where me being a newbie comes in). Is that something I should be very wary about? Something I should ask about?

I have about 1.5 months of downtime (just graduated college waiting for my job to start) so time isn't money for me right now (relaxing!!!) which is why I want the project. If I was hiring labor to do this I wouldn't consider it either.
if you found stuff cheap then that's half the battle. As far as the wires it could be something or nothing so I would just ask and see how he responds. If the plug wires were damaged somehow then you might want to do more research and if he did it just to do it that doesn't make much sense either. Did he say how all the damage occurred?
He says it was damaged from previous owner crash. I did not ask any further. I will contact him tonight and see how he responds, will also ask about the wires... thanks for the tip!
ok, I got his response.

"I had the carbs cleaned recently and the guy I took it to said that some things should be replaced. I dont remenber everything but It was $600 worth of work I still have the work done list if you want it. The crash I know nothing about I brought it from the previous owner like 10mos ago in the same condition so I could just learn on it and move up. I know the title is clean and the frame is good nothing else. The front left turn signal is broken/gone. is it unreparible? I dont know."
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