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Hey folks. Just wanted to stop in and say HI. My name is Phil Harkins and I live in the Jackson Mississippi area. I've been riding bikes for 45 years, but am new to this forum. I'm retired on disability (ever seen a "handicapped" MC tag?). Not very pretty watching me mount or dismount and get around once off, but once I've gotten on, I do OK. Too old to go fast, just enjoy riding. Currently, and this will in all probability be my last bike, on a Z1000 (ZR1) because it's WAY lighter than the 1600 Vulcan I just sold and much more nimble, easy to move around the garage and so forth. Through another forum, I met a great guy here to ride with. He had a Z, but traded it for one of the new ZX10s. I couldn't keep up with him if he rode a Honda Rebel, but he seems like a great guy and someone I'll enjoy calling friend.
I grew up in Atlanta, but have been in Mississippi for 32 years now. Anybody else on here from MS? I'm always interested in hooking up with more friends that I can ride with. So, y'all cut this old man some slack and thanks for sharing the forum space with me.
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