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Hello everyone!

I've had an eye on this forum for a while now, so thought I should sign up and get to know you all!

Although I'm new here, I'm certainly not new to motorcycle forums! I helped establish a forum for the Yamaha YZF R125 (my old ride) and now help keep it in shape with my moderator abilities! Drop in and say hi if you want! :p

So, what's my story? Well, I own a 2009 Kawasaki ER6n in metallic diablo black. What can I say. I love it! I have been the proud owner of the bike since October 2012, having spent approx 18 months on my Sunset red Yamaha YZF R125. It was a truly incredible little bike! Big bike looks, and arguably the best performing 4 stroke 125cc. I was in love with the little yammy from day 1 after passing my CBT. I mean, she would do an indicated 84mph on the rev limiter of 10,000 rpm down hill! But, I had to move on due to a new job with a 40 mile a day commute... I couldn't cope with having to put my head on the fuel tank, struggling to do 65 up the hills. And it was burning almost as much oil as petrol!

So, I decided to get a bigger bike. Now, as an 18 year old male (now 19), any super sports like the R6 were out of the question, with insurance quotes coming back at well over £9,000!

So, I needed a good handling, economical bike which would cope well with my 33bhp restriction. The ER6 was a clear winner, both on paper, and in my heart!

I would have liked a 2009/2010 ER6f, but my budget wouldn't quite stretch. So I ended up with the next best thing... A stunning 2009 ER6n!

The bike... She had around 7k miles on the clock, and was in near mint condition (apart from some flaking paint on the chain adjusters... But this seems to be quite common!) 10 months later and she is just shy of 14k miles.

The mods... Obviously, I have started to customise the bike. (Apologies... I don't know how to do a bullet list from my tablet)
- Ixil Hyper low L3X exhaust (sounds incredible)
- R&G: crash protectors/ bobbins (mushrooms), bar end sliders, cotton reels and radiator guard
- Ice white headlights & xenon blue side lights & numberplate light
- Afam gold X ring chain & black sprocket
- Clear tank pad
- Hex tax disc holder
- 33bhp restrictor. Not really one to shout about, hey? Basically, I can only give the bike 1/3 throttle, which isn't quite enough to get in to the power band. :'( The bike will still do 90mph without any trouble, and 100 is fine. She'll do about 115mph downhill. From time to time, the restrictor 'falls' off (if you get what I mean)... and this is a quick bike!

So, that's me! If any of you are in the South West of England, give me a shout!

Pictures will come, I promise!

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Hi rob, im in taunton! Mine has had that same problem when on a nice sunny day the restrictor falls off then magically appears again that night! I had the Aprilia RS125 so i know how much fun can be had on even a little bike but as you said the step up to the er6 is huge! Are you part of any riding clubs locally? All the ones round my way are a bit old manish or hells angels wannabe's!
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