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NGK Cr9ek

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Anybody here use these plugs? i hear you get a little performance increase b/c these plugs go just a tad bit deeper into the well.

but i also heard that it can damage your bike?
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how often do you guys change your plugs? i read that since they are about 1mm longer, carbon might build up on the exposed threads. and you should change them often.

I ride a 99 Zx6r by the way...how about you?
I just went to go change the plugs on my bike to CR9EK's and i was almost there..when i got to the plugs , i went to go to my kawi tool and the damn thing is bent from the previous owner...

is there anything else i can use? i tried to use a socket with an extension, but there is just not enough room for it...plus i'm afraid the socket will get stuck down the well..

also, how the heck do you guys work in that tiny area? i followed the factory service manual, and there to work in, is so small
I tried using the extension, but there just doesn't seem to be enough room for me to fit it in b/c of the angle the well is. The frame of the bike gets in the way.

or am i just to much of a novice?

Originally posted by Dave Leonard

I also have never found a 'spark plug wrench' that fits in all spark plug wells . As Esjohnsey says, there too darned fat. I have discovered that a standard socket from Sears, and presumably anywhere else, works just fine. I also use a special six-inch extension with a locking system so the socket cannot come off. These are available from any of the big tool companies (but not Craftsman, yet anyway). Once you have one, you really appreciate not having to fish the socket out of the plug well ever again.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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