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Hi guys,
for weeks I’m trying to figure out the following problem:

I am trying to run a total loss ignition on my ‘18 Ninja 650 track bike. Meaning the alternator coil is removed and the rotor got trimmed of its magnets (it now only acts as a spacer on the crankshaft and holds the starting gear). Power supply is thus battery only (upgraded lithium pack).

After putting everything back together, the bike will crank, but does not start.


error codes: NONE
(I then unplugged the air box, to see if error codes work at all: “13” shows up as expected)

Fuel pump: working

Both fuel injectors: resistance normal, power source voltage normal

Battery voltage: 13.6V (LiFePO3) - between 11.5 and 12.0 V while starting

Crankshaft sensor: sends 22 signals per turnover just as it should
(cable to ecu is also ok)

spark plugs: dry and normal wear (changed them nonetheless, but no effect)

ignition coils: all resistances as they should be

test for spark outside of the engine (plugs installed in coils, held against mass): I got ONE spark when starting, but nothing ever since (same effect on both coils)

oscilloscope parallel to ignition coil
no reading (as if ecu is not even trying to supply the ignition coils?)

all fuses checked and all relays measured

Behavior when starting: regular turning tempo, just no sign of any ignition. No gas fumes.

It just seems like the bike doesn’t know it’s having a problem :/

another question that occurred to me while searching: how does the ecu know which of the two cylinders to fire/fuel, since it only has a crank shaft sensor and no cam shaft sens

I hope you have any ideas what I might have missed 🤔

(other modifications to the bike: short stroke gas handle, ABS removed, AIS valve blocked, horn and lights removed)

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It would have to be related to your battery installation. It might pay to check the wiring diagram paying particular attention to where the alternator connected in to the maim loom and the rectifier. I would assume thats where the issue would have to be? Love to hear more about the bike and the build. Feel free to post up a thread about it
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