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So I am kicking myself for not taking any pictures before I took it apart to have the new tire put on. I thought there was only one notch on the speedo cable. Instead there are TWO notches.

The speedo seems to work fine and may be off on speed by a little (new tire full of air vs totally bald tire that was really low on air, yea speeds may be different just because of that). I still can drive 45 in the bottom part of 6th gear before and after although the ride feels totally different with a good tire.

I do not hear any type of squeal in a parking lot coasting with no engine. I read somewhere that if its screwed up it squeals really loud at parking lot speeds. I do hear something in the front but I can't really describe the sound (dry dirt style grind?).

I have included pictures of what it looks like right now. The front notch is between the notches on the fork and the second one is just pointing to the back of the Ninja. The "long part" is almost parallel to the ground which looks the same on ninja photos I look at.

2004 Ninja 250

Maybe I am just looking at this to hard. The pictures at this link look similar to how I have this setup: http://faq.ninja250.org/wiki/Reinstalling_the_front_wheel
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