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Ninja 250 Rally Invitation and Itinerary

Dear Members of,

& Kawiforums.com

You are cordially invited to attend the, Ninja 250 Rally @ the infamous Tail of the Dragon, August 4-7, 2011
This special event is in celebration of 25 years the Kawasaki 250 Ninja has been in production and sold in the U.S.

There is no doubt that the Ninja 250 community has grown over the years and as a result many liaisons and friendships have emerged, so what better way to get all the forums and other 250 Ninja owners together at one time.

This will be a gathering of dedicated owner/riders of the Kawasaki Ninja 250. Even though the Ninja 250 will be the center of attention, all riders of every kind of motorcycle and skill level are invited to attend.

This rally will be at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort on US Hwy. 129, Tapoco, NC. There will be Meet & Greets and several Group Rides on August 6th & 7th or you may explore the area on your own. (additional details to be announced)

Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort is nestled deep in the Great Smoky Mountains on the NC/TN state line, just 20 minutes north of Robbinsville, NC. The world famous Tail of the Dragon is literally outside the doorstep of the Resort. You will encounter one of the most technical & challenging roads in the country, featuring, 318 curves in 11 miles. However, the best kept secrets are the many great roads leading you there. What better and fitting place to show case the 250 Ninjas best attributes?

There’s no doubt, you will have one of the most exciting motorcycling experiences one could have. Besides having some of the best motorcycling roads in the world, the area around Deals Gap boast of some of the most gorgeous lakes and scenery, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking and nature trails.

Make one of your summer road trips this year to what looks to be a unique event. There may be other rallies at that time, so plan early.

For more information such as accommodations, area maps and other area roads, please visit.
Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, motorcycle and sport car two lane tourism serving Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, Devils Triangle, and Six Gap North Georgia.
dealsgap.com, Deals Gap, NC information. The Dragon, US129, Great Smoky Mountains. The Dragon at Deals Gap.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

We are at the 2 week mark and time is fast approaching. If you plan on going and staying a day or two and have not found a place to stay, now is the time to start making arrangements. Prices will go up and accommodations will begin to fill. Keep in mind that there is another rally taking place that same weekend. Also if you do not mind sharing a room, tent or cabins with strangers, check the other forums for others looking to split cost with. There are a few.

Here is some information for those on a budget and looking to camp at or near Deals Gap Resort. This is not an exhaustive list, but areas recommended by various forum members.

Deals Gap Recommended Area Accommodations
dealsgap.com, Deal's Gap, NC, Hotels, Camping

Hotel and Camping

Motel & Camping at Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort, Deals Gap, NC

Abrams Creek Campground - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

NCNatural's North Carolina National Forests- Nantahala (Sites 15, 14, & 17 around Robbinsville should put you within 20 miles or so of Deals gap resort.)

Motel & Camping at Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort, Deals Gap, NC


Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge near Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway Camping only $15 per night at the Ironhorse Motorcycle lodge with a very nice bath house and delicious breakfasts and dinners! Of course, the food costs extra.

Half Off Camping in Walland in Knoxville Tennessee : Groupon Deal for Today Camping about $15

Maps and Directions
dealsgap.com, Deal's Gap, NC, Webcams, Area Map, Deal's Gap Map

The campground at Look Rock would be a excellent location and at only $14/night it is cheap.

The Foothills Parkway and Look Rock

Then again, there is the Misty River campground in Walland that is offering $15/night and they have showers.

Here are some more options in Townsend!


I don’t know how the rooms are but it is right next to valleyview lodge and the grounds nice

$79.50 - $99.50

The Lodge at Valley View in Townsend, Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Again, Not sure about how great the rooms are but the grounds really nice. Right on the bike trail and they have a couple of pools.
$59.95 - $99.95

Townsend Gateway Inn - Eco Hotel, Motel Lodging in Townsend TN

Small strip kinda motel. Often see bikers there

$69.00 -$79.00


Small strip kinda motel. Often see bikers there

(800) 879-0047 (8am-10pm) call!

Dock's Motel in Townsend, Tennessee near Cades Cove, wildlife, Little River trout stream, Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

$60.00 +


call (800) 854-7358 for information on availability and price

Econo Lodge Townsend; Townsend, Tennessee - Accomodations in the Great Smoky Mountains

$69.00 pretty much your standard motel. The only chain motel in Townsend (except a really cruddy one called Family Inns)


For the fancy people. Ladee da. Cool place, nice lodge. $$$

$209.99 +

More camping


This is an RV and campground but they have these little cabins that might be decent. Some are right on the river. Looks fun. This is literally at the entrance to the GSM Park.

Little 12X12 cabins - $75.00 check out website

Townsend / Great Smokies KOA | Camping in Tennessee | KOA Campgrounds

It’s a KOA. Nice location. They have little cabins on the river but I think they are probably booked already. There is of course RVs there and tent camping

Lazy Daze Campground - Home

I don’t know… I think mostly RV’s here. Come to the wilderness and park 5 feet from your neighbor. Turn on the TV and microwave some popcorn. Woot.

There are so many houses/cabins that you can rent in the area probably for less than you think. If you come back sometime and bring a few other people you should consider looking into renting a house.


You are invited! Please join us on the Parkway!

Saturday August 6th at 7pm.

The Foothills Parkway at the Look Rock parking lot. It is about 15 minutes from the Scenic Overlook on the Tail of the Dragon.

There is a large parking lot and it is super easy to find and get to.

I will have drinks (water, soda etc..) and light fare.

We can hang out, relax and eat for a bit.... then

Why are we here?

Sunset is at 8:36 on this date. It is about a 10 minute walk up the hill to a fire tower/look out point. Weather permitting it is a great view of the Smoky Mountains and the valley towards Knoxville.

Here is a picture from Killboy.

I suspect that I can get an idea on Friday and Saturday as to how many if any will be attending. Please feel free PM me if you want to give me advance notice or if you just need some local information or help.


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Ninja 250 Rally @
The infamous Tail of the Dragon
August 4-7, 2011

In celebration of 25 years of U.S. Production of the Kawasaki Ninja 250


August 4th , 2011- 3:00 pm-Riders arrive @ Deals Gap/ Tail of the Dragon.
This time should be used to get some good Dragon runs in before the weekend when it is more likely to be crowded. Riders can also meet up with other Rally riders as they come in and familiarize themselves with the area.

August 5th , 2011- 10:00 am- Riders will meet up at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. Here they can eat breakfast or lunch if they choose to, meet and greet other riders, take pictures etc..This time should be used to get some good Dragon or other area runs in before the weekend when it is more likely to be crowded. Riders can also meet up with other Rally riders as they come in.

August 6th, 2011- 10:00 am- Riders will meet up at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. Here they can eat breakfast or lunch if they choose to, meet and greet other riders, take pictures etc..

August 6th, 2011- 11:45 am- Riders will depart Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. There will be a few different rides to areas around Deals Gap. Riders can decide which route they would like to take or ride into Robbinsville for more food options.

August 6th, 2011- 6:30 pm -Riders will meet up at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort and head to The Foothills Parkway onto the Look Rock parking lot, for a small gathering hosted by Oroboros. This will be a time for another group photo op.

August 7th, 2011- 10:00 am
- Riders will meet up at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, hang out, eat, ride or whatever they choose and then depart for home.

*Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort has gas pumps, however it is advisable to have a full tank prior to arriving. There are several other gas stations in Robbinsville, and one (Skyway Food Mart) at the jct. of Hwy143 (Cherohala Skyway & Tapoco Road) Hwy 129, just south of the resort. There is a full service motorcycle repair shop (www.wheelersperformance.com/ ) on Hwy 129 as well. There are also several gas stations in the Vonore area along Hwy 411 just north of the Resort

For more info visit www.ninja250forum.com


Continue to check back here for any changes in information. Hopefully the weather will be great for the entire weekend, low 90's during the day with high 60's at night.

In case of inclimate weather, it may be best to stay indoors and not ride on any rain slick mountain roads, until the weather clears up.

As of 7/31/2011 the weather for Robbinsville, NC and the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort area looks OK for now August 4-7, 2011
Weather Agencies are predicting any where between 30-60% chance of thunderstorms and partly sunny/ cloudy with temps in the high 80's in the day and high 60's at night.

Mountain weather can be unpredictable at times, so prepare for rainy conditions prior to traveling. Many summer afternoons bring widely scattered rain showers. Often the weather stations and web weather will indicate rain for the entire area. BE AWARE that you can still have nearly a full day of riding before the summer showers hit in mid-afternoon. And these showers are here and there .... not everywhere. They often disipate in the late afternoon leaving several hours of good riding before dark.

Watch the current weather for up to the minute information.
CLICK HERE Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, motorcycle and sport car lane tourism serving Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner28, and Devils Triangle. for current Dragon / Cherohala area Weather Radar


If you're coming to the Rally there are a few things you should know if you have not been here before.

These may seem simple but they are good to keep in mind.

-Stay in your lane

-Go through slowly the first time.

-Don't try and follow a faster rider.

-Get your runs in EARLY! The Harley guys start waking up around 10.

-If you can get here on Thursday or Friday it will be less busy.

-Don't be complacent going down the hill on either side. Once you pass the overlook there are still sharp curves ahead before you reach the bottom. The same is true once you hit NC and head down to Deal's Gap.

-Stay in your lane -yes, I said it twice.

-Drink lots of water.

-By participating in any group ride/event with this or any other group of riders you are doing so entirely upon your own initiative, will, risk and responsibility. By participation in any event you and those you invite are stating you/they are experienced in and familiar with the operation of motorcycles and fully understand the risks and dangers inherent in motorcycling and you/they are voluntarily participating and you/they expressly imply and assume the entire of any accidents or personal injury, including death, which you/they could sustain to your/their person and property as a result of participation.

-Be a responsible rider, ride smart, ride safe.
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