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Ninja 650rl 2010, LCD fade

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So I live in Satan's ass crack (Australia) and iv noticed the centre of my dash slowly disappearing and make so I cant read the speedo. Noticed after it sat out on the direct sun for a couple of days

Was wondering if there was any fix or diy to replace the LCD or if I'm in the hole for about 300 as that seems to be the going rate for a used one.

Thank you!
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Don’t have any experience with LCD repair but I found this video that shows what needs to be done. Seems fairly simple.Which part of Satans anus are you from? I’m in Brisbane myself.
That just polarising film?

I'm from Wollongong NSW, so I get the heat and the humidity🤣
Seems like just the film yeah. I grew up in Wollongong. Small world eh?
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