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Thought I'd share this with you guys in case it happens to anyone else. Sunday I did an oil and filter change on my 98 ZX6r track bike. When I fired it back up there was no oil pressure.

I checked everything I could thik of. Oil level, tried a second filter, sending unit, oil pump, oil pickup, etc. Nothing wrong!

Finally I called a dealer I trust and it turns out there is a service bulletin regarding this. It affects 500, 600, and 750cc Ninjas. What it amounts to is an air bubble between the pump and the filter that the pump can't overcome.

The fix is easy, just loosen the filter until it isn't sealed to the engine then start the bike. There should be a gush of oil around the filter within a few seconds. At that point tighten the filter and it's fixed!

If it doesn't pump oil after a few seconds it's not going to. The important thing is to NOT run the engine too long with the oil light on!

Just wanted to share this info in case it happens to anyone else!


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