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Hello people I am having some major problems with my brothers zx7r on the verge of pulling hair out of my head.
So here’s the deal
The bike literally has no power at all won’t turn on no lights nothing!
Pulled battery tested it puts off a good 12-13v steady.
My brother was out on a ride yesterday says the bike randomly started to run different then all the sudden blacked out no power. Pulled off the side of road tried to start it wouldn’t start but somehow there was power again.... after waiting some time and a few people passing by he decided to try it again and guess what? She fired right up he got About maybe half a mile down the road goes to pull in clutch around a corner (so he says) and just shuts off. (Said it made a loud backfire pop when it died)
And ever since haven’t had no power or any luck with it turning on.
Pulled battery tested fine
Checked all fuses they all look literally brand new
Checked main 30 fuse fine
Tried charging battery but it’s full.
Also tried jumping bike with my car nothing.
Done it before on a little gs500 we had, worked great. But no luck with the ZX.

(Sorry if I sound just plain out stupid trying to learn)
But I was testing the starter relay contact points right next to where the 30 amp fuse plugs into and only one side puts off voltage is this normal? Is one side just ground and other side is power) again sorry if I sound dumb electrical is not my thing.

Any help is appreciated really want to get her up and running again for my brother since the nice weather is finally peaking around the corner.

This. Shit. Sucks.
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