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Just want to say hey to my fellow Saki bombers!

I bought my first bike yesterday- 2007 Ninja 650R. I took my MSF this past weekend and jumped on buying a bike. I got it last night, and today will be the first day I ride it.

I noticed there is a small, black tube (about 1/3" in diameter) that is hanging about 4-5" out underneath the shifter, coming from the engine. It is running through what looks like a designated hole on the fairing or frame (can't remember, bike at home). Could this be a drain tube of some sort? Anyone know what this is? I can post pictures later if know one knows!

As an impulse purchase, I bought a NEXX jacket at the dealership yesterday. I got home last night, jumped on the internet to research internet prices and look up details. Well, it seems like no one even knows anything about Nexx and no one wears them. The jacket seems to be of good quality, and it has elbow/forearm protectors and a back protector plate, which covers the top/middle of my back. Do ya'll think that is enough protection, or should I look into purchasing another jacket that has more protection and a better proven brand?

Hope anyone has any suggestions/answers, and I look forward to seeing you guys/girls on the roads!
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