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Yup, just as the title says I'm slightly OCD.
2005 Zx-6R

Friction / Steels / Springs Replacement on my clutch.

Here's the details and the question.
Clutch started slipping in hard pulls in 2nd gear, clutch is going, no big deal
Purchased DP Clutch kit. Open up my baby....
Steels are burnt and discolored badly, they're in need of replacement. Not a huge deal, can't ride that weekend anyways it's raining and like 2 degrees.

My question:
The steels that were in her were as follows - 2.6mm x2, 2.3mm x4, 2.0mm x1

The service manual says my assembled height should be 39.1mm
The DP friction plates are 2.8mm a pop. (measured with a caliper at multiple points)
2.8mm x 8 plates = 22.4mm
So then I would require 2 steels @ 2.6mm = 5.2mm +
5 Steels @ 2.3mm = 11.5mm

5.2 + 11.5 + 22.4 = 39.1mm

To easy? am I missing anything? What happens if I'm slightly over? under?
The reason I'm asking is the steels that were in it already are different BUT the manual says:
○Do not use the steel plate of 2.0 mm (0.079 in.) and 2.6
mm (0.102 in.) thickness at the same time.
which was clearly a broken rule in this bike.

One other thing, do I need to check spring plate free play for a plate replacement? or should I assume all is well as long as I can hit assembly the assembly length specified?
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