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Spring is officially in full force, and that’s good news for off-road motorcycle riders. For many riders, spring is the time when bikes get prepped and ready for the long and exciting riding season ahead. Possibly the most overlooked elements of a motorcycle are the tires. In reality, the tires are where the power meets the ground, and allow you to tackle the terrain, whether it is track or trail. Therefore choosing the right tire is integral to performance, and longevity.

The first and most important factor in choosing a motorcycletire is the terrain you will be riding the most on. If you are riding rocky and hard terrain it’s best if you use a hard terrain tire. Hard-terrain dirt bike tires are often made of a harder compound rubber that resists chunking and being punctured by sharp rocks. The hard tires feature tread patterns withcloser knobs that hookup on those blue grooved and slick tracks. Some great options for the hard terrain are the Dunlop Geomax MX71, and the Bridgestone M604/603.​

Probably the most versatile tire is the intermediate tire.If you ride a little bit of everything the intermediate compound is the right tire for you. The rubber is stiff enough for hard and rocky conditions, but still performs great in the loam and soft soil. These types of tires are the most popular amongst riders and will get the job done in most circumstances. Dunlop’s Geomax MX51, and Bridgestone’s M404/403 are the most common tires for these conditions.​

If you ride lots of sand or mud, you’re better off going with soft compound dirt bike tires. These types of tires perform excellent when the dirt is super loamy and sandy. The knobs are spaced farther apart than the hard and intermediate tires, and scoop the ground. The Dunlop Geomax MX31’s and the Bridgestone M204/203’s will have you slicing through those loose berms like a pro.

Many riders do not replace their tires soon enough. If you wait too long to change your tires, you will significantly suffer with performance. If your knobs start to wear down close to the tire, then it’s time to throw a fresh one on. Another obvious clue when it’s time to change your tire is if you have missing or chunked knobs. If you have missing knobs you are greatly increasing the chances of a puncture and a flat. If you notice some knobs missing you’re due for a replacement.

For ultimate performance and hook up, you want to be sure you are running the correct tire pressure. Generally you want to be anywhere from 11-16 PSI. When the soil is loose, you can run your pressure a little lower at around 11-13, and if the soil’s hard, keep the pressure closer to 14-16. These settings will largely affect your traction, and will prevent flats, pinches and bent rims if you run correct pressure.

Once you have the right tire with the correct tire pressure for your terrain, you will be ready to rip it up. To purchase tires and other dirtbike parts head over to Motorcycle-Superstore.com for a massive selection at the guarantied best price.

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