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Ohlins is a household name in the motorcycle community and I'm sure many of you are intimately familiar with the quality and performance associated with these parts. We use Ohlins exclusively on all of our race bikes.

With that being said, there are many riders using stock suspension or haven't made the jump to a high end suspension set up, such as a TTX GP shock and some FGRT forks or FGK/FGR cartridges. These components will not only help your bike go faster, they will enhance your confidence in your motorcycle, which can enable you to bring your skill to the next level. Ohlins suspension works by stabilizing the motorcycle during braking, cornering and acceleration. Grip is maximized as a result of the superior damping Ohlins offers. This results in a better ride, faster lap times and less fatigue.

We carry the full line of Ohlins and we offer full service on all Ohlins products. If you've been thinking about upgrading your stock or other brand suspension, give us a shout, we have the lowest price on all Ohlins products, guaranteed!

Here is some additional info on one of Ohlins' latest offerings, the TTX GP shock absorber.

Straight from the champions – the new TTX GP is Öhlins latest range of shock absorbers for sport and hypersport bikes.

Based on the highly regarded TTX technology it has been developed from Öhlins’ vast experience in MotoGP.

Compared with the standard TTX36 MkII, the compression and rebound adjustments have improved even further with a new adjustment needle, providing better guidance and a different flow restriction behavior. The function of the damper is more consistent with less variation and the adjusters work in a more precise manner. A new main piston completes the package, designed to improve traction and rider control. Did we mention that the weight is reduced even further? Among the advantages are a much improved chassis feedback as well as enhanced performance. Also, the adjustment range is even wider and with this new design, the variation in
behavior from one shock absorber to another is further reduced – a proof of Öhlins commitment to precision. The TTX GP continues on the TTX36 path, sharing and improving on the benefits of one of the best shock absorbers in the world.

TTX GP will be available for most major bikes used in national racing as well as the new street bike models.

• TTX technology, twin tube technology

• No risk of cavitation

• Solid piston '
• Rebound and compression adjustment straight from MotoGP

• Adjustment needles with different flow restriction behavior to improve chassis feedback

• New main piston

• Wider and more precise adjustment range

• Adjustment possible by hand or with hexagon tool
• Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping

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