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run bike to operating temperature, let cool down enough to wrench...
step one: remove lower(s)
step two: remove oil drain bolt (17mm) located under the motor...
step three: remove old oil filter (located behind your shifter/clutch side lower/mid fairing) when you are removing this, some will use oil filter wrenches/etc....this one is coming off, so i just grab it with some channel locks and turn it.
step four: after oil is completely drained (will take 10-12 minutes) take your new oil filter, place some oil on the rubber seal on the new oil filter- screw it on hand tight...or if you have girl hands refer to your owner's manual for the correct torque setting.
step five: replace oil drain bolt- refer to torque settings in OM
step six: remove oil cap- add oil ( that amount will vary between models and if you are replacing your oil filter or not)
step seven: replace oil cap, start your machine, check oil level.
step eight: drink a beer

Youtube is your friend, look up maint. and mod videos of your bike- you will be amazed at the information people have up there.
"ziptie tire change" has to be on of my favorites

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All our guys and most our customers do their own oi changes.
Take your time, get the hang of it and should be no problem.

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